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check out several installments  of TROPICAL APARTMENTS! TV BABY’s radio show on the Know-Wave archives. new show this week at 2pm

Wild Joy directed by Andre Saraiva

live @ GBE

New York’s Alright…if you like saxophones.   

download the first album



Gorgeous photos from last Friday’s Spencer’s Gifts party with T.V. Baby, Pablo Picasso, Chances With Wolves & Tim Barber + Friends. More via TinyVices
Find out about the next Spencer’s Gifts party (with Koudlam + The Present & More) here.
you throw yourself into the void, you’re enjoyed, you’re annoyed maybe employed sucking on luck then you’re transformed which kinda looks like being destroyed and then you just cease to exist. good night sweet prince ill see you sometimes in the dark.

Sucker's Game 1 from Brain McPeck on Vimeo.